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Here's what some of our clients said when they decided to work with a health coach...

I just want to be able to cook simpler, healthier meals for myself and my family
I am so confused by the overwhelming amount of conflicting information on health & nutrition, and I don't know where to start!
I am exhausted! I feel like I've tried every diet but I've never been able to make real progress
I wish I could slow down and take better care of yourself, but I can't work out how
I struggle with overcoming unhealthy habits and cravings
I would you like to transition to a plant based way of eating and incorporate more plant based meals into my lifestyle but I'm not how to go about it?
If this is how you are feeling, you're in the right place!

Who do I work with?

I work with people who are serious about achieving the life they were put here to live and want to transition to a more conscious way of eating and living. Whether you are someone looking to transform to a healthier way of eating, or someone just wanting to incorporate more healthier foods into your current diet and achieve better health and more energy,  I can help you do it in a gentle, nourishing way that makes you feel amazing.

Many of my clients are busy professionals and working mums who really want to create more balance in their life, prepare simple, nourishing meals for their family, reduce stress and increase energy levels. Through a gentle transition I support them in achieving their specific health goals at a pace that makes sense for them, that doesn’t cost the earth and most importantly results in new habits that a lifelong.

Since becoming a mum myself, I have also started working with expectant mums to empower them with the knowledge they need to have a beautiful healthy pregnancy and to support them in planning a beautiful, empowered birth. We will have more exciting programs coming soon.

Why should you work with me?

My approach is different and it’s not for everyone, I’m not a subscriber to quick fixes or the latest fads. I work with my clients to build a trusting and supportive relationship and create a safe space for you to discus and explore changes. I believe that the only real changes that will be sustainable are the ones that you own and that’s why I drive accountability with my clients.

I will provide you with knowledge and clarity, so that you can easily determine what ‘healthy’ is for you. And I will inspire, guide and motivate you to develop new positive health and lifestyle habits that will become lifelong practices

All of my programs are personalised which means we focus on you as an individual, there’s no one-size fits all approach, no generic plans or dietary approaches suggested that don’t appeal to you.

I love working with people who are ready to take responsibility for their own health and want to learn the most effective ways of creating ultimate health and wellness. No rules, just guidance and support in creating a culture of habits and practices that will leave you free to live a life you love!

What to Expect:

 During my programs we will:

  • Define what your health goals are
  • Discuss what has and has not worked for you in the past and what motivates you to achieve success
  • Determine what foods will work for you, your children and your family
  • Teach you how to listen to your body and learn techniques to understand what your body is telling you and what it needs
  • Understand how important traditional diets and scared foods are in solving the current health crisis we find ourselves in
  • Focus on how you can integrate healthy, nutritious and REAL food into your diet to improve your overall health

My programs are not just about food. Whilst I believe that achieving positive change in your health often starts with food and nutrition, achieving total health and wellness is about so much more; therefore, we will explore all areas of your life which might be causing you stress or unhappiness.

My programs are not about cutting out the things you enjoy or putting you on a crazy diet. They are about achieving balance through incorporating nourishing foods and delicious healthy treats so you never feel like you're depriving yourself. I don't believe in quick fixes; my programs will gently encourages and introduces you to a healthier way of living, creating behaviours and habits that will become the way you live your life everyday, which is why we will work together over a period of time, so I can support you to create the space for change and achieve better health.


6-Month Transformation Program

Transform to a Healthier, Kinder more Conscious Life

I've created a 6-month program for those you are ready to transition to a healthier, kinder more conscious way of living. 

During the 6-month program you will receive:

  • 2 x 1 hour private coaching sessions per month, a total of 12 sessions
  • Email and phone support between sessions
  • A variety of resources including handouts, recipes, food samples and other materials specific to your health goals.

This is our signature program and provides you with all the support you need to transform your health. This program is fully supported with fortnightly one-on-one sessions, which means together we will deep dive into your health and wellness goals and aspirations , develop an individual plan to achieve these goals and provide you with all the tools you need to make it happen. This program includes specialised resources to support you to achieve change including a pantry overhaul, meal planning, shopping list, food journal, movement plan, daily rituals, specific resources tailored to your individual health and wellness needs, plus weekly emails and check in’s to keep you on track and motivated along with a number of specific resources tailored to your individual health and wellness needs.

Investment: $195 per month, total $1170

(Discount available for upfront payment).


 3-Month Healthier Habits Program

Create Lifelong Habits that make you shine inside and out

This is the program for those looking to try something new, make some changes to the way they are eating, develop some healthier habits and improve their overall wellness. You might be looking for ways to incorporate more plant-based foods into their diet and support their family to do the same. You might want to know what changes you can make to have more energy and simply feel better.   During the 3-month program you will receive 3 x 1 hour private coaching sessions, along with access to a variety of resources including handouts, recipes, resources, meal planning, food samples and other materials specific to your health goals. You will learn how to make healthy plant based versions of any recipe or your favourite foods, and discover that making healthier choices doesn’t have to be a chore. You will learn how to understand what your body is asking for, choose the right foods and we will debunk the myths around cravings and how to deal with them. You will receive weekly recipes that you can incorporate into your meal plan so you can practice nourishing your body with what it is asking for. We have also included a Plant Based Meal Plan Shopping list that will make your weekly meal planning a breeze.

This program is supported with a combination of one-on-one sessions and online resources to support you to achieve change.

Investment $199 per month

Both programs will provide you with healthy nutrition and lifestyle tips, advice, and self tested techniques, that have not only worked for me but also our other HLC clients.


 3-Month Pregnancy Preparation & Support

Prepare your body, mind & soul for your child-bearing year, growing a healthy baby and a healthy and natural birth ..

This is an individualised program, but will cover:
    • How to gently and safely cleanse your body before conception, including liver detoxification
    • How to bring your micro-biome back into balance through cleansing and healing your gut
    • Factors that impact your hormonal balance and how to ensure your hormonal system is operating effectively for conception
    • How to incorporate nourishing practices into your daily lifestyle to ensure that your body is always prepared for pregnancy
    • The importance of mental preparation and the problems with focusing too much on the physical aspects of preparation - what you can do to prepare yourself emotionally and mentally to achieve your pregnancy and birth goals.
    • Easy and safe techniques for removing heavy metals and chemicals from your system
    • Supplements - those that are essential for maintaining a healthy body for you and a developing baby and herbs to use for cleansing, restoring and supporting a healthy immune system
    • Practices, philosophies and nutritional elements that contribute to healthy pregnancies
    • How to effectively nourish your body during pregnancy
    • Preparing for birth - elements to consider to achieve the birth you want
    • Post Birth - practices, nutrition and herbs that will help support your health and recovery.


    Investment $245 per month

    *Note that this coaching program does not replace the process undertaken by you and your medical practitioner to prepare for pregnancy & birth.  This is a coaching program for those who want to achieve a healthy pregnancy and understand that there is more to doing this than the typical standard, medical care on offer.  This is a program that helps you understand your body and the changes it will go through, achieve confidence and provide support and guidance to achieve your pregnancy and birth goals.


    Sleep Well Sessions 2 x 60 min Coaching Sessions

    What we commonly hear our new clients say about their sleep issues:

    • I am always so tired, and I need five cups of coffee to get through the day.
    • Even on days when I get enough sleep, I wake up groggy.
    • I get to ‘bed’ but I toss and turn and it takes me forever to fall asleep.
    • I hit snooze half a dozen times before miserably crawling out of bed.

    SLEEP IS A  VITAL NUTRIENT and an important part of our health is achieving enough quality sleep, but how many of us really see it as an important and take action to prioritise it? So many people struggle with sleep issues because they don't engage in intentional practices around sleep and understand the deeper elements required for good quality sleep. Sleep Well consultations designed to help you not only understand the scientific research on effective sleeping habits, but how you can achieve focus and energy towards your personal sleep practice.

    During Sleep Consultations, we look at:

    • Your current sleep challenges
    • Conscious sleep practices
    • Creating an optimal sleep environment
    • Sleep & Nutrition
    • Best time to go to sleep
    • Correlation between temperature and sleep
    • Effects of light and color of light on sleep
    • Rising at the same time each day — consistency is key
    • Bedding, grounding & noise

    At the end of your consultation you will receive a personal sleep plan to assist you in implementing your new practices and following your session, you'll also receive a 30 minute follow up consultation, to discuss how your implementation has gone, and answer any questions you may have. 

    Investment: $120

    90-minute single session - We talk about anything you want

    This is a once off personalised session for those wanting some guidance or support in a particular area of their life.  Maybe you are wanting to talk about a particular food or health issue, learn more about easy plant based recipes that your family will love, learn how to get your kids to eat more plant based foods, reduce your family’s sugar intake and cravings, create more balance and reduce the stress in your life or understand what foods to eat to increase your energy levels.

    During your one-on-one session we will:

    • Explore exactly what it is you're wanting to achieve or work through.
    • Review what you’ve already tried and what hasn’t worked before, and
    • Develop a personalised plan to get your health back on track. 

    You'll walk away with clear, practical and achievable steps that we have created specifically for you, which you'll be able to confidently implement immediately.  

    Following your session, you'll also receive a 30 minute follow up consultation, to discuss how your implementation has gone, and answer any questions you may have. 

    Investment: $90



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