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"Hayley reignited a passion for healthy living within my soul. Hayley created a safe & sacred pace for me to open up about my struggles &, she gently transitioned me with knowledge & education, an abundance of support & compassion. She opened me up to a whole new world of food, & a whole new way of eating.  I now have such a healthy relationship with the food on my plate & the food I put into my body. I now have the tools I can implement in my life to make life long changes so I can feel my optimum & be the best version of myself"

    - Fabienne, CEO & Creative Director of YCL Jewels, June 2016.


"Hayley has come to be more than my Health Coach - she is my friend, confidante and inspiration. As a busy professional who travels most weeks, Hayley has been my catalyst to focus on personal wellbeing, to offer myself a richer experience of life, and to maintain the energy levels I need to deliver results for my clients - these things work hand in hand.    She did this without judgment, with balanced information and best of all, insightful diagnosing, authenticity and care.  Hayley is a woman ahead of her time (in many ways), and has established a practice that we will all need to sustain ourselves, our families and communities as we grapple with climate change, intensive farming, a squeeze on time, the need for balance, ongoing change and the demands of this fast-paced life".

    - Paula, Change Consultant, Facilitator & Communications Coach, July 2016.


I worked with Hayley through my pregnancy to help me deal with some issues that came to light regarding my low-lying placenta as I remember reading a post on her Instagram where she talked about having the same issue and how she had resolved it through diet, natural therapies and mindfulness practices. I was stressed out, upset and to be honest at breaking point, because doctors had no real answers or possible solutions for me. I'm in a completely differently country to Australia and we worked together successfully by Skype and email.  We started working together on my diet … establishing new and better ways of eating, providing my body the nutrients it needed, and directing my energy to healing therapies and practices that truly made a difference where traditional medicine, had no solutions for me. Working together also led to me being able to address a number of other areas of my life, including relationships in my life and establishing a meaningful spiritual practice, which also helped me through my pregnancy and beyond. I am planning to have a natural home birth, feel confident in my choices and empowered to achieve them thanks to the work that we have undertaken together. I highly recommend Hayley to anyone that wants to make real changes in their life, learn how to live more intuitively and achieve their life goals. She is so knowledgeable, approachable, understanding and most of all, never judgmental… and was always focused on what I wanted to achieve as an individual and as a mum.
    - Maria, Small Business Owner & Mumma of 3, September 2016.